01. Joining Dots In the Sand
02. Interpretation Diversity
03. Suspicious Message
04. Positioning Practice #2
05. ArchivexLive
06. Is It Fact? Is It Fiction?
07. Landscape Leakage

Yahan Liang recently graduated from London College of Communication in MA Graphic Media Design. Base in Taipei.

She explores the nature of social issues in the post-truth era by looking at human behaviour through graphic design, painting and publishing....

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curation / collaborative / visual identity

London College of Communication 2018 Postgraduate Show

On air, on rotation, in situ, in distribution, in (real) time and online, as we perform our research. Every three-four hours a new constellation of work emerged in the gallery and online via magmd.uk


The core curative concept of the graduation show is the rotation, live, and archive as a result of a large number of exhibition works and limited space.

The ARCHIVE presents artifacts of critical thinking which developed through practical and explorative research methodologies. While LIVE linked the research responses and shared themes in relation to one another, activating the research territories.

Work in process :

Photo credit - Maria Bazhanova & Kwo Guo