01. Joining Dots In the Sand
02. Interpretation Diversity
03. Suspicious Message
04. Positioning Practice #2
05. ArchivexLive
06. Is It Fact? Is It Fiction?
07. Landscape Leakage

Yahan Liang recently graduated from London College of Communication in MA Graphic Media Design. Base in Taipei.

She explores the nature of social issues in the post-truth era by looking at human behaviour through graphic design, painting and publishing....

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Is It Fact? Is It Fiction?

Agitate – Propagate – 68! Provocations from Radical London

To mark the 50th anniversary of ‘1968’, a year of global protest and unrest, the Design Activism Research Hub (DARH) staged an exhibition in the LCC Library with related events for students and staff during the month of May, 2018. 

The exhibition displayed visual artefacts and publications related to activist concerns in London at that time; from international issues such as the Vietnam War to those closer to home: housing, racism, workers’ rights, and of course student revolt. Accompanying these will be posters produced by LCC students. 

Printed at Screenprinting Workshop, LCC
Size 420 x 594mm