01. Joining Dots In the Sand
02. Interpretation Diversity
03. Suspicious Message
04. Positioning Practice #2
05. ArchivexLive
06. Is It Fact? Is It Fiction?
07. Landscape Leakage

Yahan Liang recently graduated from London College of Communication in MA Graphic Media Design. Base in Taipei.

She explores the nature of social issues in the post-truth era by looking at human behaviour through graphic design, painting and publishing....

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Joining Dots In The Sand

A discussion of the authority and authenticity of truth through the angle of conspiracy theory.

Authenticity and Authority of  Conspiracy Theory:
Politics Inevitability

The aim of this project is to identify the value of truth and examine the power of graphical intervention as a tool. In this self-editing era, the freedom to give an unfounded opinion, in the absence of evidence, is leading to a world of speculation. Resulting conspiracy theories often produce conflicting interpretations. By deconstructing these interpretations, this project will explore the source and outcome of such positions, along with examining the impact of graphical interpretations, through the medium of design, have on the creation of ‘truth’.