01. Joining Dots In the Sand
02. Interpretation Diversity
03. Suspicious Message
04. Positioning Practice #2
05. ArchivexLive
06. Is It Fact? Is It Fiction?
07. Landscape Leakage

Yahan Liang recently graduated from London College of Communication in MA Graphic Media Design. Base in Taipei.

She explores the nature of social issues in the post-truth era by looking at human behaviour through graphic design, painting and publishing....

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Landscape Leakage


Design-as-conflict is a framework to think with that presents strategies of design-led inquiry to reveal coercive and operational modes of conflict. Unlike conflict resolution seeking methods, design-as-conflict views conflict as a desirable, productive force.


This workshop introduces and responds to the current context of ‘nature as resource’ and emission trading which both engender different forms of financial, environmental and political leakage. Therefore proposing a design-led inquiry into leakage - with thegoal of producing a prototype for design as conflict. The deliverable is a printed map tracing leakage, interrogating its loopholes and exposing its cultural conflicts.